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Tenorio, Philip Adrian a.


CHAPTER ONE: Seminar in Tijuana
Raymond Wayne finds himself enjoying tequila daisies and the company of Luis on the longest bar in the world. After a few daisies, he looks to his side and notices his professor, Dr. Peddiwell, from Petaluma State College. Raymond invites him over, and the Professor continues to establish himself to be superior in statue in comparison to Raymond, continually disrespecting him by forgetting his name numerous of times throughout their conversation. The professor symbolizes all the facets of higher education fixed into one character, both negative and positive. But it wasn’t it until Dr. Peddiwell starting downing the tequila daisies that suddenly his external fixtures that related to his high position as a noted professor where suddenly melted away, a true connection between student and teacher began to develop.

CHAPTER TWO: The Saber-tooth Curriculum
In Chapter 2, The Saber-Tooth Curriculum, New Fist is introduced to reader as a revolutionary thinker who greatly impacted the well being of his tribe through his systematic educational system, which was created by his ability to think beyond the realm of fixated cultural intelligent existence. However, New Fist was quickly reputed by the elders of the tribe, stating education was only to be given by the Great Mystery and not created by man. After New Fist's rebuttal, most of the elders bought into his system of education, which then led to a positive production of growth for the tribe. Three fundamentals marked the first educational curriculum: (1) catching fish with the bare hands, (2) clubbing tiny horses to death, and (3) frightening saber-toothed tigers with torches. By studying those three subjects in their "schools" the stone-age people got along fairly well until a changed condition came caused by the movement of ice from the north, the forerunner of the ice age.

The streams became muddied and fish could not be seen to catch with the bare hands, so someone invented the net, made of vines. The tiny horses fled and the antelope replaced them. The stone-agers invented antelope snares. The saber-toothed tigers died of pneumonia, but the big ice bear replaced them, and the stone-age men dug pits to trap them. So net-making, twisting antelope snares and digging bear pits became the three essentials of life. But the schools continued to teach fish-catching with the hands, horse-clubbing, and tiger-scaring because they had taught them for years. Some "liberal" wanted to teach net-making, snare-making, and pit-digging but he was met with opposition. Some even wanted to do away entirely with the old subjects, but they aroused a storm and were called radicals.

The old subjects must be retained for their "cultural value," the school people contended. The proposed new subjects had no place in the curriculum.
The conservatives said: "Training to catch non-existent fish with bare hands is the best way to achieve muscular coordination and agility; training in clubbing horses that do not exist is an education in stealth and ingenuity; practicing to frighten tigers that do not exist develops courage. Some things are fundamental and sacred in education and must not be changed. And with this belief the cemented unchanging cultural ideals of education were implemented forever.

CHAPTER THREE: The Real Tiger School
In chapter 3, The Real-Tiger School, we begin to get an insight into the world of schooling and philosophy behind schools as shaped by the educators of the school. The professors of the schools who had been involved for a long period of time created the system and curriculum design which related back to the philosophy of those specific individuals. For example, teacher led and teacher focused. In response to this irreversible issue, a progressive school was created called The Creative Fish-Grabbing school, where the...
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