Reaction Paper-Up Pepsquad on Uplb

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Bauca, Christian D.

UP Pep Squad Leaps to UPLB

Last November 27, 2012, the most awaited moment, especially for the UAAP CDC fanatics in UPLB came, the UP Pep Squad performed for the first time in our university. I started to support them the first time I watched UAAP Cheerdance Competition live back in 2010. That was the first time I have seen their extraordinary talents to perfectly deliver a very difficult routine. Their stunts were more stable and they were all synchronized. They have mastered every movements they made. After that, I always look forward to watching them every year and i never failed to watch them live in UAAP CDC. As one of the fanatics, the performance of the UP Pep Squad in UPLB is a must watch because there could be no other chance to watched them that close because in UAAP CDC, only those in the VIPs can see them from the same distance between the stage of DL Umali Theatre and the last row of seats at the back. I was very excited to watch them.

After minutes of waiting in the line, atlast, the show started. They executed a great opening number,exhibiting their talents in lifts ,as well as in dancing. After that number, the next numbers are not cheerdancing anymore. They did lyrical, hiphop, pop, interpretative, and ballet dances as well as break dancing. I was amazed by those numbers. I never thought they can do other dances besides cheerdancing. I mean I never thought they can execute other genre of dances gracefully and more synchronized than other dance troupe. They move as one and they perfectly inserted their liftings in all kinds of dances. Ofcourse, they are known for their lifts. Every number was very promising but the best and still will be the best is when they repeat their winning routine in the lifting competition and the cheerdance competition in the UAAP CDC 2012. My wish to watch them dance that routine closely has been granted. As expcted, it was beyond the national level; it was an international level of...
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