Reaction Paper to the Movie V for Vendetta

Topics: Sociology, V for Vendetta, Terrorism Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: September 14, 2012
The movie we recently watched, “V for Vendetta” is one that interested me much. Even if it is a fictional movie, it definitely inspired me to think and argue with myself about my stands on how the government should be run and if there should really be one because that is what the movie argued. Although the movie had an radical amount of ideas and ideas that are so far out the regular box, it represented real life things and situations that may or may not happen in a country. The movie represented the government and social order of a country. There was a government, a dictator, a terrorist, and of course the people. The movie argued about how the government’s power can be a way to hide many things being done to the people from the people and about who should exact justice for the bad things that the government are doing. Is terrorism justifiable with such a noble cause as to stop a government of a country to do things they are not supposed to?

In the movie it is pointed out that the people do have all the power to stop whatever bad things the government is doing to them but at the cost of what? A new government must be established. There were also values being used in the movie like compassion, discipline, camaraderie, and love of country. These values were used to make a certain idea powerful. The inspiration that the character “V” presented among the people made them aware that they do have something they can do and hold on to. One person with a single idea inspired many more people to have the same idea which resulted to action. Taking action and influencing others to do what you bid, to see what you see is what makes an idea powerful and strong.

Personally, I agree with the movie’s direct argument that something had to be done in order for the dictator and the government to stop their discrimination and to stop what harm they were doing to the people because they must not use fear to control the people. I think that leaders must inspire the people to...
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