Reaction Paper to Planet of Life: Apes to Man

Topics: Human, Bible, Science Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: July 7, 2011
Ryan Joseph G. Soledad Natural Science 4ID1 July 1, 2011

Reaction Paper
1. Who is considered the earliest ancestor of the modern man? (give it’s scientific name) The earliest known ancestors of modern humans might have reproduced with early chimpanzees as scientist believes. Their scientific name is Pan Troglodytes.

2. What are the different characteristic/analysis that was discussed between the chimpanzees and man? One analysis I can remember is the close similarities of the body structure, though sizes bones differ especially on the waist, fingers of hands and feet, the height also has a bid difference chimpanzees are much shorter than modern man, they also studied about the functions of those bones structures, such as; what those long thumbs for.

3. What are the factors that made the chimpanzees evolved into the early man? To be honest I barely can remember the factors which result to the evolutions but I believe that because of the close DNA and bones structures they have, and so through the course of time they learn new things and skills which changed over time through cultural changes, not genetic ones. Each generation improved the quality of life and skills by passing on information learned over time. Our brains were improved by the development of regions that were unused previously. We learned from trial and error to make structures, establish communities, trade between different cultures and advanced through the centuries up to the technological age we enjoy today. 4. Give your personal opinion on the evolution of man as formulated by Charles Darwin vs. the creation of man as written in the holy bible. I am a roman catholic, and I believe always on the values that the church and bible says, but regarding this matter I somehow doubt the beginning of man which the bible told, because I found that science gives more concrete and believable evidences, I don’t want to disagree with...
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