Reaction Paper to Mcdonald's Suppliers Advertisement

Topics: Alaska, Pacific Ocean, Ocean Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Karson McCollum
COM 256
Reaction Paper #1
February 7, 2013

McDonald’s Suppliers

I ran across an ad for McDonald’s in a recent issue of People Magazine. As I was catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, I stumbled upon the ad featuring Kenny Longaker from Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Over the backdrop of the ocean and a fishing boat, the ad states “The fish I fish is the fish in fish McBites.” Under that, it says, “The wild-caught Alaskan Pollock we get from the Bering Sea is the fish you get from McDonald’s.” Not being someone who would ever eat fish from McDonald’s myself, I didn’t think much of this ad but decided to look into it more when I glanced down to see a website, and the claim “From an MSC certified sustainable fishery.” I didn’t know what a sustainable fishery is, so I wanted to find out. That was my first inkling that this ad was working; I was interested in finding out more. It piqued my interest then motivated me to find out more.

The first part of my investigation into this ad was to Google it. As it turns out, McDonalds has changed how they get their fish for their Filet-O-Fish and their Fish McBites. According to WebProNews via McDonalds, they are now sustainably catching wild Alaskan Pollock, making it eco-friendly. What this means is that the Pollock are being safely removed from the ecosystem. After that, I went to the McDonald’s link. The website is a full extension of the ad. It shows Kenny Longaker once again and allows you to “explore the ocean,” learn facts about the Alaskan Pollock, and learn about the Bering Sea from where it is retrieved.

Because I investigated into this ad, I think it is a good advertisement. If more people’s interests are going to be piqued, it could prove to be very successful. The target audience is not just people who eat at McDonald’s or eat fish, but more specifically “green” people who are going to be pleased that McDonald’s is taking steps to be more eco-friendly. I am still...
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