Reaction Paper the Outgrowth of Gender-Conflict Approach

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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The outgrowth of Gender-conflict approach

Gender-conflict approach is one of the two types of conflict analysis created by Karl Marx. Gender-conflict approach is the point of view that focuses on inequality and conflict between woman and man. In this theory Marx explains how society approaches man as powerful individuals. And women are seen with impotent eyes. The course of the years has gone by since Marx’s came up with this theory. Now in the twenty-first century, things are much different. Marx’s theory contradicts the lifestyle that many women like me live. It might have been a conflict in the past, but now days it seems as we have out grown it. Inequality use to be a major conflict back in Marx’s time, women where raised to be “stay at home” mothers and man to be “the head of the household”. Now women are no longer raised to stay at home, they are expected to go to get educated, have a job, and help out with the household. And the need of man to be “the head of the house” is no longer necessary; both parties can work together to raise a better household as equals. Inequality is no longer a conflict between man and women. I think that we have learned to see each other as equals because we have become more individual, in a form of alienation.

The diffusion of power has always been an issue among us humans. But when it comes to gender power, it doesn’t seem to matter if you are a woman or a man. To all the selfish eyes out there you are the enemy. When it comes to power, we all want it. And it’s something we will die trying to get. Back in Marx’s days, you didn’t hear of women being able to vote, women becoming scientist, women becoming president, women going to the moon, women being educated. Now we are all of the above. We have broken the barriers of gender conflict, by knowing that a power is a conflict that doesn’t differentiate if you are a woman or a man. It’s about how much money you have in your bank account. I think now days we see this more...
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