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  • Published : October 19, 2012
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Personality Traits and their relationship to Teacher’s Effectiveness in Teaching

I. Article’s Summary
Personality traits of teachers are one of the big aspects in which a teacher must have a good foundation with. Academic background of a teacher is not enough in making a teacher an effective one. And so as a concrete school not enough if all it has are ineffective and inefficient teachers.

The teacher’s roles and responsibilities greatly affect the school’s performance. It all depends on the capabilities of its teachers. Capabilities that are not exclusively pertaining to their educational background but also on how competent, skilled and how they handle their pupils in a right attitude. Those traits that make these teachers a competent one focuses on different aspects namely: physical, intellectual, social and emotional. In other words, teachers should fit in each aspect for them to provide good teachings. Aside from that a teacher should consider knowledge of subject matter and be flexible enough in different situations and individual differences.

Teacher’s personality traits contribute very much to their efficiency and effectiveness with which they achieve their roles and responsibilities. It is also a big impact to the environment in a classroom because a teacher who shows care not only to their subjects but to their students as well will then give a feeling of human worth to their students. Their personal characteristics also play a great influence to pupils. On physical aspects, a teachers grooming and poise can be a model for their pupils. On the mental aspect, an alert teacher is good in decision making and can easily identify insights into the abilities and needs of their pupils. And on the social aspect, teachers should have a good understanding of the nature of the child, their ability to deal with others and their genuine sympathy and care for welfare for others.

Scholastic qualifications are the other side of the coin in which...
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