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Topics: The Prince and the Pauper, Mark Twain, Florence Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Reaction Paper #4: The Prince and the Pauper Monica Sharma

I read The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain and enjoyed reading about a wealthy prince name Edward Tudor and a pauper name Tom Canty trading lives with each other and experiencing how it is like to live a life that is totally opposite from what they are used to. It really made me depressed to read the part, “Drunkenness, riot and brawling were the order, there, every night and nearly all night long. Broken heads were as common as hunger in that place. Yet little Tom was not unhappy. He had a hard time of it, but did not know it. It was the sort of time that all the Offal Court boys had, therefore he supposed it was the correct and comfortable thing. When he came home empty-handed at night, he knew his father would curse him and thrash him first, and that when he was done the awful grandmother would do it all over again and improve on it; and that away in the night his starving mother would slip to him stealthily with any miserable scrap or crust she had been able to save for him by going hungry herself, notwithstanding she was often caught in that sort of treason and soundly beaten for it by her husband.” No child should have to go through that sort of violence and abuse, and most children who do usually ends up becoming traumatized and disturbed. After reading that part, it made me want to jump into the book and take Tom away from that horrid place. However, it was interesting to read about how despite the environment Tom was brought up in, Tom was still happy with his life. This made me think, “How could you be happy with a life where your family abuses you and you’re forced to beg on the streets all day?!” Tom even managed to obtain a proper education in his hometown since Father Andrew would always teach Tom “the right ways” and how to read and write in Latin. The part, “His head grew to be full of these wonderful things, and many a night as he lay in the dark on his scant and offensive straw,...
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