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The Noli Me Tangere is a Philippine novel written by Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. He started writing the first part of the novel in Madrid, Spain in 1884 when he was still studying medicine. After graduating, he went to Paris, France 1885 and there he continued writing until he finished it in Wilhelmsfeld, Germany late June 1886. It was finally published in Berlin, Germany in March 1887. Mostly popular called as Noli.

Under the Spanish regime, Filipinos experienced the amusement and maltreatment of power and the discrimination suffered by the native indios at the hand of Spanish tyrants especially the friars. These, therefore, brought Rizal in writing the book.

Rizal introduces the character of Juan Crisostomo Ibarra, the main protagonist, a young, intelligent and rich mestizo who has realist ideals of high hopes for his country. The strength of his character lies with the wealth he inherited from his father, the late Don Rafael Ibarra. He has so many connections, he was admired by even the most prominent societal figures in Manila as well as his majesty, the captain general himself. It was said to be that Ibarra portrays Rizal in the book. Rizal used the character of Ibarra to paint an ideal person. A person perfect in all respects. Upon Ibarra's return in his homeland, the Philippines, a dinner party was arranged in his honour. However, things aren't anymore the same. The people whom he deemed to be his and his father's friend have become indifferent.

The friar, Father Damaso who was once one of the most welcomed in the Ibarra household was now criticizing even the late Don Rafael. In the mid part of the novel, Ibarra starts to unravel more and more revelations. He unveiled mysteries regarding his...
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