Reaction Paper Regarding Rh Bill

Topics: Birth control, Family planning, Sex education Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: September 28, 2011
The Reproductive Health Bill is popularly known as the RH Bill, a Philippine bill that aims to guarantee methods and information for universal access on birth control and maternal care. It has become the center of a contentious national debate nowadays. It allows the usage of different contraception methods to prevent the multiplying population here in the country. That is why; the priests are not in favour of this bill because for them it is against the law of God. However, in my points of view, I thought at first that this argument is unnecessary for me to know. I thought that this issue is not needed and irrelevant for a student like me. But I now concede that I am really wrong. This bill must be known to every person that resides here in the Philippines. This is about us. This bill is something about our health and our country.

In my points of view, I guess, I am pro RH Bill in a sense that it can be a way to help our country to seize the incessant growing of our population and I believe that the irresponsible parenthood is one of the main reasons why there is poverty. There can never be conception without God, but through responsible parenthood, we can decrease poverty and that is the mainstream of this concern. We can build a nation that can provide things for their family. A nation that can cope with the fast changing approach of the new century and can never be left out. Because of poverty, we are being pulled down to the ground because we can’t go with the flow of life. In addition, this bill can serve as a good purpose for the married couples because this contributes more knowledge to their minds to have a good family planning scheme. We all know the demands sexually of the married couples, so by these, they can ensure that their family will not boost in number. Another thing is, I can never say that I am in favour of sex education for the youth. Yes, this can be a help for the young minds to decrease the number of pregnancies but it also deprives...
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