Reaction Paper on Taare Zameen Par

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I have never really liked watching Bollywood movies. But this movie caught my attention. This is not just your typical movie. It will touch your heart and enlighten you. At first, I thought this movie is just one of the normal ones but I was wrong. During the first hour of the movie, it shows how Ishaan acts daily. It was pretty normal. But the second half of the movie is where the extreme things happen. Most especially when Nikhumb suddenly appears in the picture as Ishaan’s art teacher. There were scenes in the movie where in you would not help but cry because you will be touched of how the little boy copes up with his new school, new home, new environment, and most especially new friends.

This movie is not just about a boy suffering from Dyslexia but it is also about how parents deal with these kind of situation. The movie has not succeeded in making every child a hero but it actually helped us see a child in ourselves. A number of sequences leave you moist eyed and you feel deeply attached to the child. At the end of the movie you are left speechless and spellbound. Unlike any other enlightening entertainer which focuses more on the hero, Aamir has given the child more footage and captured every emotion deftly thereby focusing on its root cause and maintaining its significance throughout the movie. This movie is not just for kids, but definitely for parents also.

Taare Zameen Par has a very strong and deep message for all those who are going to watch. It will make you empathize with the kid. It will make you realize that people have different ways and kinds of learning. Some will be better in the arts and some will be better in Mathematics. You will learn some facts that will really inspire you. Like for example, some of the world’s renowned geniuses are dyslexic or has a difficulty in learning. The final parts of the movie will definitely motive you to try your best and not to give up on what you want to...
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