Reaction Paper on Shipping the Way We Teach English Successfully Practices Around the World

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English Teaching Methodology – PMI 730

Reaction Paper



David, Chiriquí 

My Reaction to the videos

My Reaction about shipping the way we teach English successfully practices around the world video. I think that is a very good instructional video design for EFL education which basically has two main goals: 1- building pedagogical foundations and 2- improving classroom practice. I feel that this video is promoting a manual contains 14 modules. It seems that it is divided in four categories. Category A - approaching to language teaching foundations. It is made of the following modules1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Next category B – Focus in language teaching extension which is made of the following modules 6,7,8,9, and 10. Then category C – focus on the learner and category. It is made of the following module11 and 12. Finally category D – focus on teacher professional development. It is made of the following modules13 and 14. In my humble opinion, it is good that all of the modules have videos plus supporting material and previewing activities which can help teacher to guide students. I agree that if we observe other teachers classes in both primary and secondary level, it can give us not only a variety of teaching stiles but also cultures reflected in these examples will provide a helpful aid for both teacher and student. In addition, I believe that there are several factors affecting the results of teaching such as personal reasons, motivations to use this material, fix practice and curriculum, degree flexibility, and creativity, moreover the willing to experiment and try with different ideas and techniques. However, I agree that the fact of taking in consideration the new ideas that it offers to everyone is essential to improve the way we teach. I concur that before applying these examples we have to do it...
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