Reaction Paper on Saint Dominic Deguzman Film

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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The Life of Saint Dominic De guzman was so inspirational that his life was made a film by the Dominican community of the Philippines. Through the aid of divine providence, this team was able to shoot a magnificent film in a country whose culture far differs from theirs. His life, filled with values of, self-sacrifice, mercy, humility, and love for god, was a stepping stone for the growth of Catholic population in Rome. Through an apostolic crusade to change the world, he and a couple of monks ventured in different parts of Europe, with only a staff and a bible, and preached of the real truth. With the approval of the pope, this mission became official and lasted for a couple of years, making them travel on foot. He had people help him along the way and that made him very thankful, of everything. On the later part of the movie, he died of being tired, many mourned but he said that they should not. He’s me of more help where he is going.

Divine providence was that one thing I remember most about this movie. To be able to leave everything to Him for I know that He already has my life planned out for me. Having self-sacrifice in order to pave way for the comfort of others will bring me not only god’s mercy but self contentment as well. I was able to realize that most things in this world is temporary and that the best thing I could do is to leave it to someone who is capable of controlling this things to guide me throughout life. Saint Dominic was such inspiration, really. And I look forward to seeing more of him and his story in the future.
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