Reaction Paper on: Professional Ethics in Engineering

Topics: Ethics, Professional, Cognition Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: September 17, 2012
Bagunu, Joshua Joemer D. 09/18/12

Reaction paper on: Professional Ethics in Engineering

The movie clippings I’ve watched was made by Michael C. Loui a professor of Electrical and computer engineering in the university Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He explains the basic ideas that an engineer must have in order to be good and responsible professionals to the society. In first part of the clipping was about professionalism he emphasizes that being a professional come with a great responsibility with authorization in it so a professional must be responsible on what outcome it would be. He also differentiates professionals and non-professional in a way that can be easily understands by many. The part two was about being a responsible professional. He emphasize the importance of being responsible, because there situations that needed a responsible professional to avoid accidents and casualties. In the third part is about being professional by being pair to both parties whether is on the past and present. He emphasize that a professional is able to decide rationally not by the surge of desire for a higher self-satisfaction. The fourth part was all about holding confidentiality. he emphasize that whether you change employer you must not give valuable information about your past employer just because your current employer tells you do so you must be fair to both parties because that was a professional should act in that situation. In the fifth part is about decision making. He elaborates the concepts of decision making in order to make right decision to further improve yourself and your work.

The sixth part was about a story of a certain building that was strengthening because it is weak in foundation. It involves the cost of renovation and how it changes the current structure into a fortified one with the large cost but is worthy. In...
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