Reaction Paper on No Longer at Ease

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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Reaction Paper on No Longer At Ease
Brandon Hayes
Reaction Paper #2

Reaction Paper #2

In this reaction paper about the book No Longer At Ease I will talk about the main points in the book. Referring to the impact of starting the book off with the trial of Obi for accepting bribes and the advantages of starting with this before telling us the previous events that lead up to the trial. I will talk about why Obi “feels a stranger in his own nation”, I will compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the city life vs. village life based on the text, and lastly I’ll explain my thoughts on if there are currently conflict of values between my generation and my parents. The book begins with the trial of Obio, who we find out within the first chapter of the book is accused of having taken a bribe. The courtroom is full everyone in Nigeria is there and has pretty much been talking about this case for a while. Obi seems not to show much emotion until tears come to his face when his "education" and his "promise" are mentioned. The book then jumps to a scene between Mr. Green, Obi's boss and a member of the British Councel. Some advantages of beginning with the court case where Qbi is tried for accepting bribes, before talking about events that lead up to that point were it set up the problems of the entire book. It tells us what is going on at present with Obi's trial and then takes us back to the past, in order to reveal what kind of man Obi is. The question is raised why Obi “feels a stranger in his own nation” to the point of being called “Beast of no nation”? I believe the reason why Obi feels he’s a stranger in his own nation is because on his return, Lagos is different, some parts are even unrecognizable to him, Achebe gives a vivid description of the slum surrounding Obi when he returned,“the remains of a dog on the street that has been run over by a taxi, street vendors, meat stalls”, which is a very different image...
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