Reaction Paper on Global Warming

Topics: Earth, Global warming, An Inconvenient Truth Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: January 26, 2011
A Reaction to the Documentary Film Entitled “ An Inconvenient Truth “ by Al Gore

How many among us have proclaimed at least once, in a rather self-righteous manner, that we are someone who is environment-friendly or someone who is eco-conscious? Almost all of us have been guilty of making such a grand statement without fully knowing what it really means. After all, being earth-friendly is very much in fashion nowadays. No one will last an hour inside a mall without seeing fashionable ladies toting a canvass bag or wearing shirts that allude to their propensity to recycle or to plant trees. It makes one wonder though how many of these canvass-toting individuals know how many years does our planet has left before it reaches an environmental tipping point or in what year was the hottest earth temperature recorded.

I admit that I am one of those individuals who proclaimed and believed that I am a friend of the earth. After all, I try to conserve water as much as I can and I segregate garbage whenever I have the chance. But like many individuals out there, I was ignorant about the real issue concerning our environment, that is until I have seen the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Directed by Davis Guggenheim and featuring former United States vice president Al Gore, the documentary zeros in on the subject of global warming and how it is affecting and will affect the planet Earth.

The Effectiveness of Al Gore
Technical and cinematic achievements aside, I believe the best contribution of this film is that it has made the issue of global warming accessible to ordinary individuals. Gore plays the role of environmental spokesperson well. He provides a believable and authoritative personality to the documentary and to the issues it is trying to expose. Much of the popularity that the film has enjoyed it owes to Gore's ability to act as an expert and a fellow observer at the same time.

When this film was released, not a few have surmised that...
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