Reaction Paper on Food Inc.

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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This movie is a documentary of how foods are being produced. Well, actually this shows the state of the food within the United States. The researcher had tried to take a video of almost all of the differences between the production of food from the basic to the technological food industry.

As I watched the movie entitled “Food inc.”, it made me realized that what the producers of the food are trying to forecast within their commercials aren't true. I thought that the foods that we eat really came from the harvested foods in the farm either from the poultry and piggery within the farm but obviously, it is a big NO! Food with cheaper cost tends to be the dangerous food. Since, they are trying to minimize their cost by minimizing the cost of the foods that their animals are eating. E. coli have been the trending disease in America before and in some part of the world. It is because of using a lot of technologies as the manufacturers manufactures their products. One of which is the corn, they had found out that the corn has been positive for E. Coli and yet, it is the food that the animals within their factory farms are eating. Another thing, I was being disgusted when they showed that even though the animal to be manufactured is a positive E. coli they will still use it.

The part of the movie that really got my attention was when a child had died just because of eating burger. He had a kidney failure because of the E.coli. Imagine a healthy child died just because of their negligence in their factory. Well, in fact, it is not the only child who died because of it. Salmonella and E. coli had become the outbreaks in the past 20 years and yet, they are just trying to hide this away. Even though it wasn't said by the researcher yet, is it impossible that this child is the only one who had died from this? Of course, they will try to hide this out from the public so that the people would still appreciate their products. Aside from this, the researcher also...
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