Reaction Paper of the Death of Bonifacio

Topics: Philippine Revolution, Andrés Bonifacio, Katipunan Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: July 25, 2013
The seeds of Andres Bonifacio's death were planted in the Tejeros Convention, when the Katipunan's Magdiwang faction (headed by Bonifacio) and the Magdalo faction (headed by Emilio Aguinaldo) were at loggerheads on how to continue the armed resistance vs the Spaniards. When both factions agreed that there was to be a council that would be the be all/end all/last say on how to conduct the revolution (vs the Spaniards), Andres Bonifacio was voted by all those present as the Director of the Interior. Unfortunately a high ranking Magdalo member (and hardcore Aguinaldo sympathizer) by the name of Daniel Tirona openly questioned the Bonifacio election, and claimed that the position was meant to be held by a lawyer. Bonifacio took that as an insult, nearly brought out his pistol (he was stopped by fellow Magdiwang members, his brother Procopio and Artemio Ricarte), and in anger he said that the results of the election at Tejeros were null and void. Obviously that didn't sit well with Aguinaldo, who gave orders to his soldiers to hunt Bonifacio and his brothers down. The Magdalo soldiers assigned to do the deed spotted Andres Bonifacio and his brothers somewhere in Batangas province, and in the resulting skirmish Andres Bonifacio got stabbed in the larynx, his brother Ciriaco Bonifacio was killed and his other brother Procopio Bonifacio was injured critically. The remaining brothers were brought in 2 hammocks to Aguinaldo and his men at the edge of Cavite (near the mountainous Tagaytay area), and were given a kangaroo court trial (read: being guilty of sedition vs the revolutionaries). After that, the brothers were accompanied by a number of Magdalo members to Mt. Tala in Batangas. When they arrived there, the highest ranking superior officer there (Lazaro Makapagal) got out a letter sent to him personally by Aguinaldo. It read that he was to kill the Bonifacios, and failure to do so meant death upon their return. Naturally, the Magdalos there complied with the order,...
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