Reaction Paper (Krippendorf's Tribe)

Topics: Truth, Deception, Fraud Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: April 2, 2011
John Siegfried C. Lapada
BSE – 2A
Reaction Paper
Krippendorf’s Tribe
( film )

Krippendorf’s tribe is a movie about a respected anthropologist James Krippendorf and his children committing a fraud by pretending to have found a lost tribe in New Guienea which he named Shelmikendu after the names of his children Shelly, Mickey and Edmund. The fraud started when James Krippendorf was scheduled to lecture at a college about the tribe. Also, he feared that he will be charged of misuse of grant funds that was supposed to be used for the research in which case he used to raise his three children after his wife’s death and the failure of finding a lost tribe in New Guinea.

The story was a bit of a downer because in order for James to maintain his social and financial status, he made a lie about finding a lost tribe with a culture like any other. In order for him to prove that, he made a fraudulent video of him as the tribe leader with his children as members of the tribe performing some sort of ritual. He could have done alternative things to keep his family going and retain his reputation other than creating a lie about a lost tribe no matter how desperate he was.

Shelly on the other hand, the eldest child of James was admirable because even though she knew that it was only for their own sake, she still resisted participating in the making of false videos of the “so-called” lost tribe by his family because she disliked the dishonesty. Although in the latter part of the movie, Shelly has contacted the New Guineans which their family has befriended during the search for the lost tribe, urging them to masquerade as the Shelmikedmu tribe to save her family and disappoint Ruth Allen – her father’s rival and detractor – in her efforts to prove the nonexistence of the Shelmikedmu tribe.

The story got even more twisted when Veronica Micelli, another anthropologist helped James to continue producing false documentaries of the tribe after he was tricked by...
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