Reaction Paper in the Sona

Topics: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Philippines, Corazon Aquino Pages: 6 (1015 words) Published: September 24, 2012
My reaction about the third state of the nation address of our President

Benigno Aquino III’s is that I am glad about his sona his SONA again, there is already a

little bit effectiveness of his present administration than his past administration. He had

accomplished things in our country which result in great efficiency and good

productivity. The corruption was a little bit decreased on his terminology. He has also

made good changes in our country from his administration, but there is one thing that I

don’t always like when it comes to his SONA from the first until to his third SONA is the

promises, some promises that never been yet done. But still there is no such man that

is a perfect president but I still salute his words on his third SONA because we can’t

blame and criticize him because the problem of crisis and etc. of our country will never

get solve if we people only know how to judge or criticize our leader we will never

become an industrialized country because even in our self we are one to be blame also,

being united is the best way for this, we may judge but we must put it on the right way

and we must not put our problems and it blame to our president if why it is not solve

because we need to work also for our own good and not to rely all the countries

problem to our leader.

I am now convinced that Noynoy Aquino is incompetent. For me, I would not

stop there. There is no perfect leader, even Obama has his own shortcomings or

Churchill or Aguinaldo or Arroyo or Washington or Mandela. But what I guess is

important for me is whether a person or leader is open to learn and work together with

the people and not only impose his own set of principles on governance as a

government is a dynamic working of the people and its leaders.

I can see that he has chosen a good number of people to help him out, I think

that is something indubitable. But that does not mean that he is already wearing an

invisible cloak against criticism, and since he is already the president chosen by the

majority of people on a credible election, everything he says is gospel truth. I must be

vigilant as a citizen yet support his projects that I deem helpful for the nation like, paying

taxes, following the most basic of rules and laws and not succumbing to the temptation

of corruption or being accessory to it by not reporting to the government those people

that I see who abuse their power. There is no other way but support our government

because this is our government and not of our leaders, but this should not be easily

equated to fanaticism or blind.

Well, attacks against corruption are good, but against personalities, it will

already be too much.  Yes, the economy is improving if the numbers from experts and

business groups are going to the bases, but what is more important and expected on

this year’s State of Nation Address of P-Noy are more concrete programs and policies

on how to improve the lives of people, like on how to lower electricity rate, protect

consumers from rising fuel prices, issues on salary increase, easing poverty, availability

of social services, passage of the Freedom of Information Bill, passage of the

Reproductive Health Bill, concrete programs on protecting the environment and disaster

management. So basically, my expectation from this year’s SONA is, how will the

President and his government improve me and my countrymen’s life in the midst of

global economic uncertainty and changing environment. How about you, what are your

expectations from P-Noy’s SONA this 2012?

I am only amazed though to know that in the pluralities of ideas and opinions,

sometimes there are those who would fall prey to the trap of total cynicism and political

pessimism. That is to see everything on the SONA whether it may be Aquino or other

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