Reaction Paper in the Seminar

Topics: Psychology, Employment, Dream Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Reaction Paper
The things that I learn in the Seminar entitled Office Etiquette….

I learned a lot with the seminar, the presentation about office etiquette is appropriate with the business student like us. The discussion and the explanation of Mrs. Avena are very well set, we truly understand and inspired, and we learned so much about what we are going to do when we started to go for a job, or when applying a job.

Working with other people in an organization or company requires necessary conduct or behavior so that people can work in a friendly environment and be able to do their job well. Office etiquette is very essential so that a workplace will be organized, disciplined, and comfortable for the employees. Respecting others and well – mannered in the office make a solid relationship between people in the workplace. I know already the manner in which I conduct myself in the office environment among people, who effectively become my second family when I started to work in the office. I also learn how to practice the right etiquette in the office; the first impression is probably the most important, because we are the ambassador of the office. We always should act professionally and honestly, we should wear appropriate office attire, and being neat, clean and as conservative as the office requires.

But before all of those things, we as a student must or should know what our dreams. Because according to Mr. Carpio we need to dream first, start dreaming now, because that dream will bring us to success. I learn so much with the talk of Mr. Carpio I inspire as well. Now I think I will study hard more for me to become successful and have a good life someday. Always remember God first before anything else, always pray and be thankful of what you have. Even thought I am not as rich important thing is I am happy and contented with what I have. That’s the positive outlook in life. And according to Mr. Carpio we have to be systematic, plan ahead list all the...
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