Reaction Paper for the Use of Manipulative in Teaching Mathematics

Topics: Problem solving, Mathematics in medieval Islam, Shape Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Pastores, Tiffany Rae R.
II- 5 BEEd
Reaction Paper
The Role of Manipulatives in Arithmetic and Geometry Tasks

December 13, 2011, Tuesday at 6:09 in the late afternoon, I am reading my journal in Geometry. I do not have choice but to do it because it is our duty- a duty for us to accomplish this requirement. The deadline of submission is on December 16, 2011, Friday. I only have three more days to complete my reaction paper. I hope I can finish it before that day comes. I hope I have the ideas to fill up the empty space in the bond paper. I hope I have an open mind to understand what I will be reading. Oh gosh! My time starts at 1, 2… 3!

I figure out doing that intro so that Ma’am can know that I am really reading my journal. Ha-ha! Another reason is for me to react immediately on what I have read. It is because my thoughts are fading easily. That is why I have to write at once. If I do not respond to this, I will have hard time thinking on what I will put on this paper. Well, anyways, let us proceed with my reflection.

“… children were more successful with manipulative than with pictures …, all children were more likely to rotate their paper or physical shape when this action could help them identify the shape.” These are some lines that can be found in my journal. While I was reading these, I remembered Prof. Pabayos, exclusively during the time she is teaching the prisms. As she draws the geometric figure, specifically the cube-figure, I and my classmates are thoroughly watching. When she is done, we try to stop ourselves from laughing at her drawing. I won’t describe anymore what the image looks like. But what makes it more funny is when she told us, “Isipin niyo na lang na cube ‘yan. [Smile].” After that, one of my classmates volunteered to improve the drawing. Suddenly, our professor told us, “Hindi talaga ako marunong mag-drawing.” And then, we laughed again.

I did not include that just to make fun of our professor. I would simply like to...
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