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Reaction Paper for the Great Media Rush of the 1970’s and Quality in Mass Communication

By | September 2012
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A Reaction Paper for ‘The Great Media Rush of the 1970’s’ and ‘Quality in Mass Communication’

I believe that there a lot of reasons why a certain person ended up in the situation they’re in right at this moment, not by destiny, not by fate but simply because of choice. That being said, I think everyone is responsible for all the things they’ve done and the things they’re currently going through. The same idea goes for the rest of the students in college. Each one taking up a course they feel obliged to get through. I am a Mass Communication student and I’m at my 2nd year now, so that means that I’m now decided to graduate in this field, and that nobody pushed me into something that I don’t really want, ‘cause if that’s the case then I would have shifted into another course and that I wouldn’t be here right now writing this paper.

We all have our reasons, and I believe that those are the cause of why we did what we did. By reading the article ‘The Great Media Rush of the 1970’s’, I’m suddenly reminded of the reason why I took up MassComm. Mr. Phelan pointed out the chief factors of what motivated students like me for engaging in communication study, which are: the quest for community, idealistic values and thirst for knowledge. I could easily relate to what he was saying, mainly because I think that those are the major reasons why MassCom students like me applied for this course.

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