Reaction Paper for Batang Hitman

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Abra is one of the poorest province in the Philippines. It is also known as the the “hot spot” or murder Capital of North because of the news of death assassination in the province. Rampant records of violence everywhere is considered normal. Therefore it is known as “little Maguindanao” It is part of politicians in Abra of having great number of “private armies” or the GOONS. These serves as the protection of politician in the province. But sad to say that most of them are “minors” that even their life is being sacrificed and bring them into death when there’s a conflict between political party that results into ambush. But the story of the hit man doesn’t stop here. The world where we lived, cant stop killing stories especially before , during and after elections and even the proclamation of the winners . But “WHY” minors are included and even a victim now the trigger man/ or the hit man.? That’s a big question to us. The reason why minors are member of political killings are 1.)they witness how their father being killed or any relatives who is member of the opposition. They claimed that being a member of the private armies be a solution for attaining social justice of their love ones. At the age of 15, they already know how to used the different types of guns and ready to kill and be killed for their bosses. But they don’t even think that their bring themselves in danger and even their families as whole. 2.Second reason is that, their father or other relatives also a member of goons which they had been in life at younger age and they think that is right. They don’t even think that it destroys their life and not for their own good. 3.) Third, lack of economic opportunities, ordinary folk are forced to lick the boots and resign themselves to being an ordinary citizen with a decent work/poverty/financial problems. As you observed them they are just a ordinary citizen...