Reaction Paper---Fools Rush in

Topics: Love, Salma Hayek, Marriage Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Fools rush in
1. Summary of the Film
Returning from one job site with a large spearfish, Alex learns from his close friend Jeff that he doesn't want to go to Japan for his next assignment, but to Las Vegas. The timing will allow them both to return to Manhattan and manage another new site there in the Big Apple. So it's off to Las Vegas for Alex Whitman, and during one of his early sojourns into a Mexican restaurant he meets Isabel. They find themselves in a casual night of passion. Three months later Isabel went to Alex's home to tell him that she is pregnant because of their one-night-stand. Alex chases Isabel to say he really didn't know how to react in the circumstance but he would like to do what is right. Isabel convinced him to come their family dinner and meet her family. The family dinner is tense and musical yet it ended magically when Alex held an infant that made Isabel fall further in love with him. Alex is infatuated with the large family and on the way home tries to explain how during the day he was in charge of his life and knew exactly what he wanted and where he was going. However sometime between his tuna melt for lunch and her aunt's tamales his whole life no longer made any sense. He felt that his chance to meet the right person was probably missed because he didn't pay attention while standing in a dry cleaning line. Alex stumbles, and poetically tells Isabel "that she is everything he never knew he always wanted, and it has something to do with the rest of his life and they should get married right away". They marry that evening in a gaudy Vegas chapel, with an Elvis impersonator as a witness, and check into a honeymoon suite at one of the casinos. Problems soon arise as Isabel knew that Alex really lives in Manhattan. Alex's parents were told by a lifelong friend to visit Alex. They thought that Isabel is Alex’s very good housekeeper. They soon learn that Isabel is their new daughter-in-law. More cultural clashes go off when the...
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