Reaction Paper-Employee of the Month

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I find it fun to watch this movie, I have different reaction and emotion while I am watching it, I got irritated with the character of Vince, the way he move, he talks, and the way he treated others, but somehow I also appreciate his desire, continuing effort and hard work to become the employee of the month. There are also times that I laugh(actually there’s a lot :p). The people who acts or play the part of other characters on this film were so funny, they really make me laugh with the words that they say, their facial expression and on how they act as a whole, not excluding Vince and Jorge to the funny one’s, their Boss-underling relationship will really make you smile or laugh from the very beginning. It really got me.

But, of course, the character that really caught my attention and inspires me is Zach also called as “box boy” who is the protagonist of the movie. At first he is like a numb who wants to be the employee of the month just because of the very simple and awful reason that he wants to get the attention of Amy, who is rumored to be clinging around with guys who become the employee of the month. But in the end, I got really inspired on how he change, on how he puts effort on his work and the perseverance that he shows despite of all the difficulties that he encounter. I also found it amusing how he handled friendship, on how much he is willing to give up for the sake of his friend, on how they value each other, the four of them were so lucky to have each other, they’re inseparable.

Employee of the month is the real thing. Cool and inspiring, it will really make you think that working and being an employee is really great. But of course for us to succeed, the corresponding dedication, effort and perseverance is needed.
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