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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Submitted to:

Prof. Bernadeth Gilbor

Submitted by:

Shiela Marie S.Bero


On Feb 28,2011 ,the faculty of Food and Apparel Technology held an educational trip for the Bachelor of Science and Food Technology students.The locations are the MOTHER EARTH,NATURE SPRING and EUROBAKE SHOP.

Our first destination is the Mother Earth Products Inc. where there is a slaughtering house and food processing department.First,we went to the slaughtering house.I saw there a cow splitted by a man .We asked questions to our lecturer like what kinds of machine are needed in a slaughter house and how do they slaughter pigs and cows.Next,we went to the food processing department where the meat are processed.Their finished products are Hotdogs,sausages,longganisa,tocino,sisig and bacon.Then,we went also in the lecture room.The lecturer is Mr. Abe Tayag.We learn more things about slaughtering like slaughtering of pigs and cattles.There is also a steps how to slaughter a pig.

Entry of pigs

• Stunning-captive volt

• Sticking and Bleeding

• Scalding and Dehairing-losing of hair

• Evisceration-losing of internal organs

• Splitting of carcass

• Post-mortem inspection

• Chilling of carcass- 8-12 hrs or overnight

Entry of Cattles is also the same in pig but instead of scalding and dehairing they used Flaying.

We also learned the different kinds of meat cuts in pork and in cattle.


• Loin

• Belly

• Legs/ham

• Trotters

• Spareribs

• Shoulder butt


• Chuck-upper half

• Rib

• Short loin

• Sirloin

• Tenderloin

• Round

• Brisket

• Shank

• Plate

• Flank

• Hoof

We learned so many thingsabout food processing in Mother Earth at Mabalacat,Pampanga.

After Mother Earth,we went to Nature...
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