Reaction Paper: Coach Carter

Topics: Motivation, Basketball, High school Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: August 24, 2012
Movies not only serve as source of leisure, but they convey a significance or lesson to its viewers. In the movie “Coach Carter”, it is obvious that this movie is able to transmit deep messages that influence its viewers. This movie illustrates that people become so caught up with winning that they forget to recognize the irrational choices they are making. Carter tries to teach his players that there’s more to life than basketball. Even though he is a basketball coach, his focus is not only on his players success as a team, but their successes as an individual as well.

Coach Carter is a dedicated man that is why he deals with his basketball team by practicing and implying hard discipline. He teaches them to respect themselves and one another, and that they must excel their academic as well as in their sport, basketball. He wanted the boys to maintain a certain grade in order to be on the team when the boy’s parents heard about this, they did not agree with what Carter said. The reason why they felt that way was because, they were so use to their children being able to play without worrying about how well they were doing in school. On the other hand, in reality most parents that have kids that play sports want their children to be successful. They don not only want them to be successful on the court but in school as well.

Parents would be happy to have a coach like coach carter because he is a role model not only to all coaches out there but also to players who love sports. Carter’s team knew that they had to have a certain grade point average to play on the team, so it motivated them to get their work done. I felt that this movie had a true meaning. Carter gives them pieces of advice on being better students that led to their success. Success is an intrinsic motivation for the basketball players in coach carter. Growing up in the world we learn many things about people. As a conclusion, this movie will inspire coaches and their team to do the same.
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