Reaction Paper- Aquino Sona 2012

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Reaction Paper- Aquino Sona 2012

By | October 2012
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President Noynoy’s 
3rd SONA

“Filipinos made change possible or change comes from the citizenry.” The president if not explicitly had implied this statement several times during his State of the Nation Address last July 23, 2012 and I admire him for that. He’s not lifting his own bench. Also, considering that he had been mentioning and commending several cabinet members because of the improvements in their sects. There, he mentioned a number of achievements and accomplishments during his term, namely economic growth, political accomplishments and some other things he wants to achieve in the remainder of his term.

In PNoy’s speech, he detailed information regarding economic growth, decrease in unemployment, higher foreign direct investments and rising tourism. This is in fact very good news for us. Again, our country has made another step in eradicating/decreasing poverty, which is one of the main problems here. This also leads to higher GDP and an increase in the value of Philipine Peso. If our country is able to maintain this steady growth for about a few years, then maybe we can raise the standard of living here, along with the decrease of overpriced goods such as basic commodities and etc. 

PNoy, delivering his speech in Filipino really had brought more impact to the citizens of the country. He was understood by most and therefore was appreciated by most. Delivering a SONA really is a serious matter but I’m really wondering how PNoy managed to make it so light. I find him funny really He himself included in his speech the responses that he had anticipated. The way he stated everything was so queer but what is important perhaps is the thought that he was trying to convey. PNoy cited economic achievements, including the $1 billion loan the Philippines granted to the International Monetary Fund(IMF). The inherited 8% unemployment rate has reduced to 6.9%. During his term, 3.1 million jobs were created. The existence of BPO’s here in the Philippines...

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