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  • Published : August 30, 2013
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Genetics, Evolution and Diversity (GED)
Prelim 1st Sem AY 2013-14
Research Portfolio

1. Discuss in words or contrast in graphical/sketch form the differences of Prokaryotic cells from the Eukaryotic cells. 2. Describe in words or show in graphical/sketch form the general features of the cell Nucleus. 3. Briefly discuss each of the five functions of cell nucleus. 4. Illustrate in words or graphical/sketch form the structure (highlight the nucleotide components) of the DNA. 5. Illustrate in words or graphical /sketch form the structure (highlight the nucleotide components) of the RNA. 6. Contrast the Mitotic cell division from the Meiotic cell division. Outline the phases of each. 7. Research the meaning of the following Mendelian Heredity “Key Terms”: |purebred |linkage map | |cross |parental type | |first filial generation/F1 |recombinant type | |second filial generation/F2 |cross over | |dominant |frequency of recombination | |recessive |map unit | |allele |marker | |homozygote/homozygous |mapping function | |heterozygote/heterozygous |pleiotropic | |segregate |sex chromosome | |phenotype |autosome | |genotype |X-linked...
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