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HTML 5 is newer version of HTML markup language made by grouping different specifications such as HTML4, XHTML1, DOM-2 etc. Currently it has been under development process. To build a web-page requires only HTML, but today this statement has changed because today user wants a rich user experience, they want website to do what they want. Today there are few web sites available which are solely based on HTML only. Some uses only CSS to define the look of the page, some uses different kinds of client-side script like JavaScript or Flash to provide rich user experience. But such kind of scripts makes website slow to load. Therefore, after more than 10 years published the last HTML specification, it is essential to create a new standard for the future of the web to collect and somehow solve the needs of developers. In HTML5 we can perform some animations without using Client-side scripts.

HTML5 API's to develop supported browsers.
HTML 5 is intended to provide a platform to developers to develop web applications as easy as desktop applications, where its implementation within a browser does not implies a lack of resources or facilities to meet the real needs of developers. The developers of HTML5 are providing the Written Api's which can be used to create HTML5 supported browser. All major browser can implement this Api's in their future versions so that they will support HTML5. 

Why is HTML5 important?
HTML5 promises users a better web experience than its predecessor across all devices whether they are Smartphones like the iPhone or Android, traditional Computers and the newer Tablets and Netbooks. The 5 key reasons why HTML5 is important

1. Growing smartphone use for accesing the internet
2. Strong commitment and support from leading web companies
3. A richer feature set than earlier HTML versions
4. Growing support in the leading web browsers
5. Simplicity, Flexibility and Standardization

Growing smartphone use for accessing the internet
A number of users use smart phones today to access the Web. This trend is only expected to increase in the future. Devices like iPhones, Androids, Windows mobile are being used to check mails, post updates on Facebook and Twitter or to catch up on the latest news. The mobile web space will extend into several domains like sales, marketing and shopping. Strong commitment and support from leading web companies

Several leading companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft have committed their support to the development of HTML5. This has made it possible to bring about positive changes in the web design field. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has declared support for HTML5 across all devices developed by the company. Google too is promoting HTML5 as the designing technology it prefers for all future websites designed. A richer feature set than earlier HTML versions

Earlier versions of HTML had limitations when it came to graphics, video and multimedia content. This shortcoming has been effectively addressed in the latest version. The HTML5 features for adding rich web content like the canvas, video and audio elements provide much needed tools for designing websites. HTML5 provides an alternative to plug-in based technologies like Flash for adding multimedia content to websites. This makes for a uniform design interface. Growing support in the leading web browsers

Top web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Opera support most of the features offered through HTML5. Even Internet Explorer’s latest version IE9 has also included some HTML5 features. This means that websites which were designed with HTML5 will offer a much better user web experience something which was lacking earlier due to different browsers standards. Simplicity, Flexibility and Standardization

A simple and clean interface is a noteworthy feature of websites designed using HTML5. This makes it possible for the Web to expand and be accessible from various devices like hand held mobile phones and...
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