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Topics: Bataan, Bataan Death March, Life Pages: 5 (1871 words) Published: February 27, 2012
“Slice of Life’s Unique Design”
“No man is an island” --- an almost clichéd saying everyone knows. I can’t completely say I’m an island, I can’t say I’m not either. It usually depends upon the situations raised by life’s unique design. I was brought up by my parents to be a respectful, justice-wise, humble person. But in every person’s lives lies the process of making one’s own personality.

My life during the days when I was still ignorant of the world around me wasn’t the type of life I can be proud of sharing about. Honestly, it was the kind of life I can’t say I really enjoyed. Boring isn’t enough to describe my life back then. I was isolated by my parents from the people surrounding me. I only had limited friends. School was my only source of social life but it wasn’t enough. I longed to be with the people who have the same blood running through their veins as mine. I longed to be with people whom I can really call my friends. But all of it was certainly not offered there for me to grab, and the worst part is I have to accept and adjust with it. It’s life. It’s reality.

People never knew what I truly felt except for those who truly understand my personality. I grew up to be contented with whatever is laid before me. I earned myself patience, humility and kindness that no one could ever take from me.

Life is an uphill climb, it’s up to you when you decide to take a detour and look back on the people or events worth glancing back for ‘cause they took a big part on whom and how you are now. In my case, my parents are the only people whom I can look back to and my two closest cousins who have been there for me ever since I’ve known them. It’s ironic how I manage to smile at everyone and laugh at everything, making people think I live a happy and joyful life. In one way or another, I do, but a big part of it is just plain black and white with nothing but plainness in it.

I’m almost done with my college life now and things are just staring to heat up for me. There’s a very special someone who made me see life from a new perspective, a better view which I never thought life had --- the one who made me realize the things that I have than the ones I don’t have. His name is Mickey and I thank him for making me appreciate the things surrounding me and for spicing up my life and I owe it to him big time. That’s how I felt when we were on our way to Mount Samat. The journey there was a bit boring and I was actually sleepy during the travel. On our way to the top of the mountain where the Dambana ng Kagitingan was, my patience was clearly tested and I guess I can say I passed. The heat of the sun was extremely wearing me out but I didn’t mind. One thing I was very grateful about was when I got the chance to climb up the cross and see the beauty of Bataan. The cold breeze, the green and warm scenery, and the feeling of being on top of the world made me feel dizzy but at the same time happy and contented. It was serenity I found there and I cherished the moment so much and it was serenity I found when I came to know him.

When I was still a child, I thought it was normal to be staying at home always with nothing to do but study. When given the opportunity to have my closest cousins come to our house, I’d be so powered up to the extent that I’d cry when they had to go home. That’s how I long to have company. Our house is quite big for our family because it’s just me and my parents. I understand how my mom never even gets to stay for a month at the house she worked for so hard for so many years. She has been working overseas for twenty-one years now and I’m just nineteen as of the moment so basically, it was just me and my Tatay who has been together for the longest time. He instilled in me the values of a just and righteous person which I am totally proud of. I know we have more but he taught me to settle with lesser than what we have that’s why I never asked for more. But there are times when I feel like a heavy burden to...
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