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Topics: Claro M. Recto, Drama, Psychology Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: March 18, 2011
“Vive la Divisoria”
By: Abraham Floredo
“Vive la Divisoria” is an informal or personal essay. As a personal essay it serves well for its purpose, to express and to relate author’s personal observation and experience about life and human behavior. It has a very ordinary language, colloquial in particular. I see the mood of the essay as a humorous one. He showed his funny attitude towards the subject presented and therefore formulated the tone that has been a comic tone. Informal essay unlike an impersonal one can deal about any thing or any issue under the sun. True enough how the essay revolves on the very common one. The essay deals with the subject so real, a place where the most genuine thing can be found. Abraham Floredo’s style is playful, though it has the serious meaning in deeper analysis. Reaction:

I like how this essay was constructed or written. It entertains me lot. It makes me fun in a way that it make me think of the place I am a lot familiar with and I believe that all, if not all, most of Manileňos were too.

The essay revolves on describing the daily routine in one of the most populated place in the Philippines with respect to its land area. It is just a market place but the author sees it as a non-typical one. In his writing about the place, I gradually see or more or less experience the real life in urban place such as Manila which I did not notice in the past years of living and passing to that road.

“Shadow and Solitude”
By: Claro M. Recto
“Shadow and Solitude”, it is a drama play where the author used the dramatic style which is the Tragedy. Tragedy in a way that the characters suffer, scenes are serious and into definite degree. Technically speaking, I see each element as a great one. The plot is plain that it clearly defines the problems within the story to be resolve. The major conflict was to be profound or deep and mostly can be applied to the human experience. The characters provide a great...
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