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Topics: Drug addiction, Psychology, Scientific method Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Reaction Paper #1 Psychology 200 Dr. Osbaldiston Please answer all parts of the question for full credit. There are 6 questions. 1. In class and in the text, we talked about how behavior is multiply determined, that is, there are many things that can cause any one of our behaviors, and these things often act together. Pick an everyday behavior that you do frequently, and try to explain why you do it from cognitive, biological, evolutionary, and cultural perspectives.

2. Please log on to Blackboard and follow this path to view a program. Reaction Papers  Multimedia folder  Experimental demo Link to file  Experimental methods (opens a new tab or window) This program is a good little demonstration of an experiment that you can do with your friends. It uses an optical illusion, you have to adjust two lines until they are equal length. Work through this by yourself first, then try to recruit a couple of friends to serve as participants (anyone can serve as a participant: roommates, parents, children, etc.). It only takes a few minutes, and try to vary the angle of the arrowheads as much as you can. Please write a brief summary of the results of your experiment. In your summary, please be sure to say 1) what the independent variable is, 2) what the dependent variable is, and 3) what pattern emerged about the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

3. Please log on to Blackboard and follow this path to view a program. PsykTrek 3.0  Weiten: PsykTrek 3.0 Online (which should open a new tab or window) Select Unit 10  Select Module 10 c (Humanistic Theory)  Watch the learning objectives and the interactive module (all 3 sub-programs). Please watch the entirety of PsykTrek Unit 10, Module c on Humanistic Theory. This module discusses the characteristics of self-actualizing people. Please make a list of all 13 characteristics (you’ll probably need to stop the program on this slide). Then, say which 3 characteristics you are strongest in,...
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