Reaction Paper

Topics: Education, High school, Special education Pages: 4 (1520 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Reaction Paper
The Short Bus
CON 712 Counseling Children and Adolescent
Adrianne Green
October 19, 2010

Before I began reading this book, I took a moment to think about the title: The Short Bus a Journey beyond Normal and what this book might entail. The term short bus brought back memories to me as a kid, people who were not smart enough to ride the long bus; or people who attended a special school because they were mentally retarded or mentally challenged. I felt connected to some of the personal stories in the text, especially the stories of Brent and Kent. Furthermore, it reminded me of my personal biases I still have toward kids like Ashley. The short bus was created for people with various disabilities in 1975 when the federal legislation, the individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), mandated children with disabilities be educated in public schools. However at this time, schools were not required to integrate students who had disabilities in the classrooms. As a result special education programs were created and a separate transportation system was also created, i.e. the short yellow bus (Moony 2007). Immediately a childhood memory came to mind. I was no more than six years old and I was constantly teased by other kids in my class because I rode the short yellow bus. It was the only bus that had a route to my school. I dislike riding that bus because it was smelly and full of people who were different then me who drooled and made funny noise and who rocked backed and fourth. Students who had behavioral problems and labeled special ED I found those students to be very obnoxious. A quote from the book I liked was “The short bus fits perfectly, “its serves a social function, our myth of who we are, who we should be, it’s actually created by categorizing people with disabilities”. I agree and understand how the bus was a symbol or a label given to a group of children who were different than what the mainstream said was normal. I...
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