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By | March 2009
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Petron HR as a Strategic Partner

Last Thursday, February 19, 2009, our class in HRM gave us a great opportunity to hear from a professional in the terms of handling people in a company. Our professor Ma’am Agloro invited Mr. Wilfredo A. Galoyo, HRMD’s head of a well-known company – Petron, to give us his insights regarding the course we are studying. Mr. Galoyo first introduced the company’s culture and heritage. Explaining how Petron evolved into a company like it is now, from being government owned and controlled to being private. The company partnered with two other recognized organizations namely Ashmore and San Miguel. He explained how the supply chain in Petron works starting from the crude supplier to tank trucks. Mr. Galoyo emphasized the company’s organization which he explained as relatively being flat in terms of structure. He explained that the HR department directly reports to the President. Before going to the main topic of HRMD, he gave us an interesting activity called the orchestra. He related the orchestra to how the human resource department should be conducted. He then proceeded to the role of Petron’s Human Resource Management Department, which is to attract and retain highly motivated and productive employees. This objective only shows that HRMD is really for the service and welfare of the people – employees of the company. He said that there are principles that HRMD use as a guide. First would be that employees will demonstrate behaviors that yield improved business results if their values and competencies are aligned with those of the organization. Another would be that engagement is affected by several factors which are necessary to achieve the goals of the company. These two things should be kept in mind by the HRMD in order for it to function well and meet the needs of its employees. Petron also applies what we’ve learned in class, which is David Ulrich’s four roles of HR. He said that the company tries to play all...

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