Reaction Paper

Topics: Family, Father, Mother Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: May 29, 2013
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Reaction paper – Trust between parents and their children
Discussing the example with the stepmother going through her stepson’s phone made me think a lot about where the line between respecting your children, but at the same time looking out for them is drawn. Growing up my parents has had very different ways to go about this line. My dad has always been very clear with rules, and what’s wrong and right and such, but he also left a lot of space for us to experience and learn from our mistakes. While my mom was more the kind who wanted to stop us from making them in the first place, which sometimes can be very overwhelming, because that where the boundaries of personal space can be blurred. I remember that I would go mental if she read my text messages, or a letter that was for me, or if she even moved an object in my room, at a very young age. And we would have fights where she would claim that it is her right as a parent to know what is going on, not matter how old I am. But now that I am older I find that I wouldn’t be mad if she did these things, I would be sad and disappointed. But in my case I don’t have anything to hide, while in the stepson’s case he is actually proving her right in her checking up him, because his actions are those of someone irresponsible, although the stepmother’s actions are of someone who is being disrespectful. That is what makes this particular situation so hard. I remember going through something similar with my little sister, because I tend to be a little too overprotected of her and I worried what she might be influenced to do, simply because I know how hard the “teen world” can be. So this one time I dropped her off at the dentist office, she asked me to hold on to her phone for her, and my curiosity got the best of me. I read through her texts and actually found a text of about her pretending to be our father saying that she was too sick to come take her test and that he would send her with a...
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