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Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Aggression Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: May 20, 2013
ENGAGING in drugs, bullying, smoking and aggressive behaviors are some major problems schools encounter at the present time. The school cannot solve these problems without the cooperation of our law enforcers. The Philippine National Police is one government agency that coordinates with both private and public schools to help decrease delinquency among the youth today. Recently, the Philippine National Police celebrated its 17th Police –Community Relations Month with the theme: “Mamamayan at Kapulisan: Patuloy and Ugnayan sa Higit na Ligtas, Mapayapa at Maunlad na Pamayanan.”

The reasons why individuals bully are because of skin color or race; usually the darker ones are being bullied; underdogs or being a little guy; the kind religion one has compared to the majority; appearance such as being ugly also invites bullying; sexual orientation boys behaving like a girl, and girls behaving like a boy; and persons with disabilities also attract bullying. Boys bully more than girls. Girls also bully using more indirect behaviours. Bullying consists of three basic types namely: direct bullying or physical like hitting, stealing, damaging, defacing belongings, restraining, pinching and taking the food of their classmate; second is verbal bullying such as name calling, uttering insulting remarks, threats, coercion and intimidation; and third is indirect bullying or social relation bullying like destroying and manipulating relationships, social rejection and isolation, gossiping and spreading rumors, graffiti acts and negative body language. Another form of bullying is cyber bullying which uses the computer and social networking sites to humiliate, threaten, and terrify other students online in the form of posting their photographs on the net and call them homosexual. For smoking penalty: first offense, P200; second offense, P500; third offense, P1,000. Acts of graffiti or vandalism: first offense, P1,000; second offense, P3,000; and third offense, P5,000. Curfew among...
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