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Topics: Boss Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Pet Peeve Essay
My pet peeve is my youngest brother Lucas. He is my pet peeve because he is so annoying the way that he thinks he is the boss of everyone and everything. He is eight years old and he thinks that he runs the house. It is so annoying because he bosses everyone around and makes my sisters do everything for him and my mother sees nothing wrong with what he is doing. When I am stuck babysitting him he tries to boss me around. But I know better than to let someone control what I do. It is so annoying because he gets on my nerves and only listens to himself and no one else. I try to cope with this by just letting him do him and to not annoy him. It is best to do that so he does not get angry and want to hit someone, break something, or through a temper tantrum. Everyone in my house listens to whatever Lucas says. It is like I am the only one in my house that has a brain that works. I will never let someone control me the way that Lucas controls my sisters. I feel bad for my sisters so I try to help them out, but Lucas just becomes angrier when I try to help. So I just stay out of Lucas’s business and I just pretend that nothing is going on. Whenever I try to help I am always the one that gets in trouble. Which to me makes no sense at all. Lucas just loves to be the boss and do whatever he wants to do. But when he is not the boss or does not get to do whatever he wants he flips out. The way he acts is just that, an act, because deep down he hates to be the bad guy and he hates to be the boss. But it is just an easier way for him to get what he wants. Once you get past Lucas’s attitude he is actually a very nice kid. But he is very annoying and stubborn. If you do something that annoys Lucas he tells “the boss” and then you are e on that is in big trouble. One f the only times that Lucas is not annoying and mean is when he is sleeping and tired. Which is the perfect time to ask Lucas for something. Which annoys him and he...
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