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Topics: Learning, Suicide, Sherri Shepherd Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: February 5, 2013
The movie 3 Idiots has been quite successful so far. I liked the movie. It is quite funny and sometimes dramatic. In my view, the sole responsibility of a movie is to entertain people and the movie done it very well. The concept of the movie might try to push some idea to the masses. Certain facts shown in the movie are true.

There are a lot of parents that think engineering is the only safe way for their sons and daughters to pursue a good career. There are also some scene that really relates to my life and inspires me as a student and it is in the view of Mr. Raju Rastogi, he face a problem with financial and his father has an illness and is in critical condition. In Raju’s view facing that kind of problem while studying is very difficult, the movie does not encourage as to do the same what Raju do, but the movie try’s to view what will happen or what will bring to our life if we attempt to a suicide. As I’ve said these movie is quite successful, I really liked it, very interesting and educational.

Lesson Learned
The movie is very nice I learned so many things. The very important lesson that I have learned from the movie is to control myself not to give up and to stay calm in order to gain courage to face it. And I also learned that if I try to pursue a career in what I do best, opportunities are abundant.Making passion as a profession will do great in our life, learning our heart is very important, forcing ourselves to something that we are not happy will make our life lost. Just like the students in the movie that suffered were those that didn't like what they are doing.
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