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Topics: Anxiety, Bible, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Fear of Failure
Stephanie Denise Todd
Letourneau University

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for PSYC1273
Dr. Walter Scalen
May 12, 2012

Fear of Failure
The fear of failure can affect our lives in many ways. I scored a 24 on the Fear of Failure test. According to McGee, experiences of failure dominate your memory and have probably resulted in a great deal of depression (McGee, 1998). The result of this test was a shock to me because I do not feel that I deal with depression. I went back and read the questions again and did not get a different result. McGee lets us know that deep healing needs to take place. I started to think back as to why I answered the questions to the test the way that I did. I realized that I because I fear, I often avoid participating in certain activities. I don’t put myself in the position to fail. I do fear failure when it comes to my family. As a mother, I want everything to be perfect for my family. I believe that I experience more anger than depression. This may be wrong but I feel that my purpose in life is to make my family’s life as easy as possible. I feel that if something is not going right in their lives, it’s probably my fault and I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do. Therefore, I worry a lot. I take pride in motherhood. When my kids my kids fail at school, I blame my parenting skills because I feel that I should have helped them more. When a bill can’t get paid on time, I worry and blame myself. I just worry and I know that as a Christian, I should not worry. I’m learning that worrying does not solve anything. It does not make the problem go away. It produces nothing but stress. As a Christian, I know that if you trust God, you shouldn’t worry. Worrying, means that you do not trust God. The fear of failure can impact our lives in a very serious way. It will control a lot of things if we let it. I am learning that it will control your life, the life that you provide for your...
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