Reaction Paper

Topics: Leadership, Skill, Management Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Reaction Paper

I watched this movie entitled “Real Steel”. This story revolves around the father, the son whom he abandoned and the robot that the boy found. After watching the movie, and applying the concept of leadership into it, I may say that the true leader is the boy and the new leader is his father. In that movie, the eleven year old boy was able to stand for what he believes, to fight for what he loves, to influence a person towards a goal and brings out the best in him. Though he is just a child, he stand for what he believes will work and it did. He fought for what he loves despite of his weakness and limitations. When bad people were beating up his father, he shouted and tried to fight over them without being scared. He didn’t just give up the important people and things in his life. And when some people tried to buy his robot with good price, he rejected the offer and wasn’t tempted by the money that he can get. He was also able to influence his father to let his robot fight, to fight for him and to box again. And most of all, with his very young age, he was able to made a new leader, his father.

After watching the movie, I came to realize that in becoming leaders wouldn’t depend on your age, how well you speak, how well you write, how much you own and how much you know. It is about you being able to influence, inspire, and motivate, allowing people to commit their skills and talents in achieving the group’s goals. And most of all, it is about you bringing out the best in them and making them new leaders, for true leaders are not born but they are made.
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