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Tran Tang (Tracey)
FCS 1000
Dr. Arezoo Rojhani
Reaction Paper
The presentation was given by Dr. Rojhani last Tuesday to introduce the career guidelines to students who are and might be interested in studying dietetics in the near future. The presentation included the promising working environments for dieticians, the variety of careers that provides more options for students with Dietetics major, and the outlook of the development of this career regarding healthy eating habits for the country. The speech that was given by Dr. Rojhani also helped students who are interested in Dietetics program at Western get to know more details from the curriculum to the internship options and how to become a successful registered dietician. Students get to know more about the dietetics program at WMU through the website with specific instruction and information about the Handbook, the internship registrations and courses requirements for this major. In my opinion, I enjoyed the presentation, specifically, with the promising outlook of this career. The presentation also enhances my passion for this career even more than before. Personally, I think a dietician is not someone who only good at cooking and know how to eat healthy. He or she should have a strong knowledge background of nutrition, food ethics and is ready to help people improve their health through certain dieting goals. It is also better for dieticians to provide their customers the best knowledge of living lifestyles through eating and exercising. Hence, through the presentation I got to know more about the variety of careers that Dietetics students can choose such as healthcare, foodservice, corporate setting, and educational areas. I am glad to have this class this semester because I am still in pre-dietetic program. This presentation helped me have a clear understanding of what students with Dietetics majors can do in many areas so that I can carefully choose my option starting from now. As for the...

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