Reaction on the Film, "Elizabeth"

Topics: Political philosophy, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Thomas Hobbes Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: June 23, 2011

Introduction (Film Review)

At about 1553 when King Henry VIII has died. His sickly son Edward VI reigns for a short while before dying so his eldest daughter, Mary, a childless Catholic, has ascended to the throne. Under Mary's reign, Protestants, known as heretics, are being burned to death. Mary is ill and her half sister, Protestant Elizabeth, is next in line to the throne. Regardless of Mary being queen, she would never allow a Protestant to rule England. Although there is rumor of a Protestant uprising, Mary knows that Elizabeth is not behind this maneuver, yet Mary brings Elizabeth in under possible charges of treason. Elizabeth denies all and denies Mary's wish to uphold the Catholic faith once on the throne.

The story of the film started when England was in need for a new ruler since the current ruler, Mary the Catholic became very ill and later died from tumor. Upon Mary's death in 1558 and Elizabeth's ascension to the throne, England is weak and in disarray. Many are out to unseat Elizabeth, 'a heretic'. To ensure her security on the throne, Elizabeth has to show some leadership, which includes, according to some of her many advisers, establishment of a single Protestant based Church of England, marriage to a suitable husband and the production of an heir. That husband however is not to be Lord Robert Dudley, Elizabeth's lover. Elizabeth needs to learn which of her advisers to listen to as some are not out for her best interest.

Relating Leadership Ideas from Hobbes and Machiavelli

Niccolo Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes has different ideas on leadership. Machiavelli was a pragmatic leader and his approach was based on his work "The Prince and the Discourses", his leadership styles were cunning, deceiving, and ruthless and his idea of power is the ability to produce an intended effect even without regard for religion and moral ethics to pursue a greater goal. He further emphasized that if a political...
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