Reaction of the Soul of a Citizen

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  • Published : November 1, 2010
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Samuel Patterson
Soul of a Citizen Reaction


After attending the conference of “Soul of a Citizen” it had me pondering about what Dr. Paul Leob had spoken about. The information he had share was so rich, but with little time to spare I’ve learnt a handful of opinions and ideas he had to share. One of the most common elements Dr.Leob had shared in the conference was about the past and how he looked to the past to shape his future. Some people may have mixed feelings about looking to the pass as a source of guidance, and useful information. I took the information as valuable content, because I do look to the past to shape the way I view current assignments for college and even when it comes to politics. For example, how and why the Amendments where created, to whom does it applies and when does it apply. With the knowledge of the past, I can relay those information to another person when in need. This is why I agreed with Dr.Leob, when he explained how the civil rights movement encourage him to think beyond what he knew, it gave him the edge when it came to writing his books. Examples he used where Dr. King, and Rosa Parks, they were the revolutionist towards the civil rights movement. I felt that I had a sense of responsibility on my end towards pursing my education with a different perspective. After retaining so much information from the conference it had me thinking about what previous men/women had to accomplish to meet their goal. I wondered how many times they had failed in order to succeed, this all went through my mind after the conference. Taken back with the history of his life Dr. Leob gave detailed accounts about his time while he was a young adult, giving me insight about how conquered his trials and tribulations. I actually got more information than I bargain for, learning that our (my) mistakes make me a better person, even If I was to bias to realize it. So what I can truly say what I took away from...
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