Reaction in Tulak

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Reaction Paper
I. Summary:
The story rolls about drugs and poverty. Tikboy, is a young man living in a narrow alley called "Kalye walang buhay" where most of the residents are criminals, immoral people, and drug dependents. Orphaned at an early age, his aunt Lukray, an aging prostitute took him under her wings with her live-in partner, Abdon in the other hand is a low-ranking policeman, corrupt, fraudulent and a drug pusher. Tikboy served as his delivery boy in most of his drug deals and identified as "Batang Tulak." At the young age of 9, Tikboy was maltreated and abused by Abdon. One day, Tikboy was badly hurt by Abdon while saving his aunt from being beaten. He is then forced to leave home and begin anew. Ten years later, Tikboy, a grown-up man, is released from jail with the help of Betina an old faggot who owns a small shell craft factory. His trusted and thoughtful friend becomes his co-dependent. Tikboy joins the pickpockets around the city and he soon becomes a bandit and drug pusher. The ex-convict tries to find his Aunt Lukray and save her from Abdon, but the dead alley where they used to live was already demolished. Tikboy learned about a certain shabu tiangge at the center of a crowded slum area. He is shocked and upset to see Lukray, glum, miserable and a full blown addict. The people call her Lukring for being eccentric, her face filled with scars. II. Analysis of the film

a.) Poverty in the Philippines that leads the Filipino people to engage such illegal activities like drug addiction, drug selling , child trafficking and etch. In this regard most of the people engage in this activity are the persons who lived in squatter’s area where most of them don’t have formal education. b.) Their environment is one of the big factors on using prohibited drugs like shabu. Because for some instances that’s what they likely seen through their life considering they are living in a squatters area furthermore since, they are selling prohibited drug they are...
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