Topics: Leadership, Management, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: July 30, 2013
In the first video it shows how important proper leadership is to the follower. It shows that proper leadership can overcome challenges that seem impossible if misguided. That even the smallest creatures can accomplish amazing feats by means of teamwork and of course leadership. It can be applied to how we can be a good leader. We should not abandon our follower instead we should help them, encourage them, protect them, and always look out for them. It also shows us that a good leader never panic under pressure always calm so that the leader’s judgment won’t become questionable. Stay confident so that the leader’s followers would have high morale to do the task at hand. The major lesson in the video is “It's smarter to work as a team” well the video says it all, a team cannot function if there is no leader and also it cannot function without a follower.

The next video that I watched is about hachiko a dog that is loyal to his leader that he followed him until his last breathe. Who would have thought that a mere dog can become the best follower a leader can have. It shows in this video that it is not impossible for us to become great leaders. If a dog can become a good follower so can we and also a good leader. We should trust, be faithful and loyal to our leader and likewise a leader should also trust, have faith and be loyal to those who are following them. A good leader has many followers but a great leader has loyal followers. Being just a leader is not enough you should prove to your followers that you can lead them precisely and of course lead them with a goal in hand.

The last video that I have witnessed is about the responsibility of a leader. In this video a little leader is shown. She was afraid of the dark but she did not want to leave her little brother alone in the dark living room. So she asked her parents for help but was rejected saying...
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