Topics: Women's suffrage, Suffragette, Women's rights Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: November 22, 2012
The last two meet-ups at pollys were not typical like discussion that one has come to expect from the small restaurant tucked in a Greenwich village. The last two meetings were thought provoking, button pressing and more serious. They were much more polemic, much more groundbreaking, much newer.

The first of these exciting debates was led by the suffragettes in their campaign for equal rights for women and the right for women to vote. They argued that women were not seen as equals in society like they should be and that this must change. They suggested a parade to show women's and advocate for reform

Jeanie Rogers started off the event with the point that as the cost of living is increasing, families need to make more money in order to be able to afford to up to the standards living that they always did(not that they are living extravagant lives as is). This can only be true if women work. Rogers argued that when a women is to work a full time job outside of her house she is trusted with two full time jobs, in addition to her work life her role as a mother. Rogers pointed that If women are to be trusted with the dual role of earning a living and taking care of their families why are they not trusted with the right to vote as well? If women are to work then what traits are considered masculaine and feminine and what gives women the right to vote? Surely this is something of equal importance. As such an integral part of society that powre should be given to them. Rogers also supported a parade in order to garner support for womens rights and demonstrate their importance.

Next in the series of suffragette speeches was Maud Preston who argued that a women could not sue or be sued and described how this burden bought upon women will not be changed unless women are enfranchised and therefore will have the rights necessary to argue for this reform. Maud described a story in which a women fell on a sidewalk and hurt herself inflicting much pain. Bt she...
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