Reaching Your Full Potential

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May 6th, 2013
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When a person has a goal, the best thing to do is go above and beyond your potential to achieve it. Despite the difficulty level of the goal, it is the struggle and persistence of the person to make it an even bigger accomplishment than they expected when they achieve it. In some cases, this is not what tends to happen, most people forget about this principle and settle for less. Arnold Toynbee explains how important it is to set a goal much higher than a person would originally set it to be, reason being is that it will give them more of a satisfaction reaching it.

The author is not only explaining the principle of life, but giving everyone a sense of direction in life. He is explaining that although many people might have a goal set, it is more of a struggle to try to reach that goal itself instead of setting a higher goal, making it easier to accomplish the goal that they started off with. Instead, he tries to help his readers understand that there is more than what meets the eye. Meaning, if a person’s goal is to lose a couple pounds, they should go and get a pair of jeans of their choice; couple sizes down from their original size of course, and set their goal to fit those jeans. If they accomplish it, they wouldn’t have just lost a couple of pounds, but they would’ve felt a million times better knowing they did more than they would’ve by setting their standards to just “losing a couple of pounds”.

In the second half of the quote, Arnold explains how that concept actually works. When a person sets a goal to the highest of their potential, they will not only reach their goal with a higher satisfaction, but a broader sense of what they are truly capable of. For example, when you set a realistic but challenging/inspiring goal, it does wonders. Take a big dream, like “I want to be famous,” and break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. Being with something like, “I want to star in movie,” “I want to go to three auditions...
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