Re-Positioning Exercise for a Leading Product Development Services Player

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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The Client

Case Study

Re-Positioning exercise for a leading product development services player

“When a leading product development services
company needed a partner to assess its brand
positioning strategy and plans, Prayag was its choice.
Read about how we leveraged our research
capabilities, branding and industry expertise to equip
the client with a comprehensive and well-chalked out
branding programme.”

E mail:

The client is a leading global product development services company that works in the BFSI and Telecom verticals. Headquartered in Vienna, the company was recently recognized by “Deloitte Technology Fast 50” as being among the fastest-growing company in the United States Mid-Atlantic Region. With a global presence including in the US, India, Ukraine and China, the company employs more than 2,000 IT professionals worldwide.

Business Context
In 2006, the company realized that it was perceived as an Offshore Product Development (OPD) specialist with no significant competitive differentiation amongst its customers. In its quest for leadership in the outsourced software product development market, the company wished to carry out a strategic review of its positioning. The aim was also to expand its existing customer base and growth prospects.

Prayag was approached to carry out the strategic review, the scope of which included ◆ ◆

Review of positioning from a market perspective
Benchmarking with competition
Arriving at a positioning
Recommending next steps

Prayag leveraged its research capabilities, branding and industry expertise to analyze, evaluate, benchmark and recommend a proactive and implementable market positioning strategy.

Prayag’s Solution
Leveraging our research and branding teams, Prayag kicked-off the assignment with extensive discussions with the top management to understand the current positioning of the company. A detailed analysis of the various facets of this positioning was...
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